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PLUTA Niederlassung Ostrów Wielkopolski

The first Polish branch of the German company Pluta was opened in May 2014 in Ostrów Wielkopolski with headquarters in the central point of the city. Ostrów Wielkopolski is located in a very industrialized region and in a convenient transport connection - in the center of large economic centers, such as Wrocław-Poznań-Warszawa. In addition, the city of Ostrów Wielkopolski is located in the southern part of Wielkopolska area where in the last years the lowest unemployment rate in the country was recorded, which is the result of economic development and developing services that create jobs. Both newly emerging economic entities, those developing, operating for many years in need of reorganization, and finally those that have experienced the first symptoms of the crisis - Those need broadly understood advice that we are able to provide.

In Ostrów Wielopolski - the first headquarters of PLUTA Poland we offered the first legal and economic consulting services as a PLUTA company. From 2017 our headquarter was moved to Warsaw.

In order to meet the requirements and needs of our clients, we offer assistance tailored to the individual situation of the company or individual customer. Before we advise you in making the right decision, we conduct a series of analyzes based on consultations and submitted documentation. In any case, our goal is to avoid falling into a crisis situation, and if it does happen - help the entity and taking care of the creditors' interests simultaneously.

Team Ostrów Wielkopolski

Michal Nowicki

Michał Nowicki
Restructuring advisor